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Life Events

At times, EVEN THE best events in life – a birth, new job or dream relocation – require a financial plan. 

They might necessitate the need for more insurance coverage, a new budget or guidance from a financial planner. 

Welcome Graduate!

Graduates might not think they have enough money to talk to a financial planner. But they face key money choices as they start repaying their share of the overall college debt with "starter" jobs. 

We offer advice on credit card consolidation and repayment, employer benefits review, creation of budget, and overall education on your first steps toward financial freedom. 

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You're Moving

A new house? A new location? 

The 50 states can be as different as moving to another country. Tax rates and cost of living can shift dramatically from state to state. 

We can compliment your journey by offering advice on purchasing power and budgeting tools to make your journey smoother. 

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A new job!

Pay raises are typically small and incremental if they come at all, so getting a big raise is cause for celebration. They also mean it's time to do some planning to determine how much you should be saving for the future, too. It might be time to bump up your retirement savings.

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A new family member

When the baby arrives, life inevitably gets more complicated. It could be worth it to fit in some financial planning alongside baby naming or stroller shopping. 

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Retiring or Job Change

Retirement is considered the pivotal financial moment in a person's life. If you haven't already worked with a financial planner to figure out your plans and budget, then now is the time. 

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You've received an inheritance

Baby boomers stand to inherit significant wealth in the coming years, and receiving lump sums also carries with it financial responsibility. It can raise questions about spending habits, charitable contributions, tax payments and a slew of other concerns. You might want to get help from a professional as you figure out how to handle the money.

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